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I-CAT Cone Beam Scanner Demonstration Video

Cone beam Catscans that are now developed for the dentistry profession provide a level of accuracy that exceeds the common catscan equipment that hospitals have used for years.

Radiation exposure is a mere fraction of what common 2 Dimensional dental xrays create. Because of the accuracy, ease of use (a complete scan in about 20 seconds), patient comfort and amount of technical diagnostic detail provided by advanced 3D imaging, Dr. Brant no longer uses "yesterday's" dental xray equipment for implant or periodontal surgery planning.

Within just a few minutes of learning how to read a catscan image on a computer, our patients can now see and fully understand what their treatment needs are and are able to more easily select which treatment plan they prefer to use.

No more Guesswork

Common "guesswork" that used to accompany the use of old fashioned dental xrays is eliminated with Dr. Brant's catscans.

Combined with specialized software products, such as those created by Nobel Biocare, Dr. Brant is able to provide today's popular teeth replacement options that include Immediate Function implants, Teeth In An Hour and the ever popular All On 4 treatments.

Proprietary bioengineering software uses a patient's scan data to create implant surgery guides that incorporate all of the technical data of a patient's scan. The old method of free hand implant placement is eliminated, thereby creating opportunities for near-perfection implant placement. Implant failures due to poor implant placements are virtually eliminated.


Patients seeking more information about concepts mentioned on this page or special questions can contact Dr. Brant directly with our on-line Ask The Dentist form. Dr. Brant will respond to you directly.

To schedule a complimentary consult for learning more about our advanced diagnostic services call our office at (631) 584-4395, or use our on-line Consult Request form. A staff member will contact you.

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