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Advanced 3D Implant Diagnostics

I-Cat Catscan

Chicago Chicago Dental Implantology CATScan machines (also known as CT Scan machines) have been used in the field of medicine for quite some time. The adjacent photo represents a typical configuration of a CT Scan device.

Scanners in Medicine

A CT or CAT scan is the term used to describe a radiologic test known as Computerized Tomography or Computerized Axial Tomography.

The CT scanner has a doughnut shaped appearance that takes pictures of cross-sections of any part of the body or the entire body. These cross-sections are called slices and displayed digitally, either on a computer monitor or through digital photography.

Slices generated from this type of apparatus are approximately 1 millimeter thick (1000 microns). This type of tomography produces useable imagery about 60% of the time with magnification of the images ranging from 60 to 70 percent.

Adaptations in Dentistry

Dentists, maxillofacial oral surgeons, periodontists, prosthodontists implantologists and other doctors involved with bone and tissue grafting of the maxilla or mandible started using CT Scan technology quite some time ago.

Over time however, committed dental surgeons discovered limitations that prevented acquiring all of the digital data desired that could promote a higher degree of accuracy. Radiation factors, thickness of the digital slices and magnification issues were felt to interfere with certain types of intricate dental surgeries.

i-Cat Cone Beam 3D Scanner
Click picture to watch demonstration

Innovations leading to Virtual Dentistry

New CT Scan devices are now being developed that have seemingly leap frogged the original CAT Scan innovation.

Cone Beam types of scanning devices have been developed recently that require little more than sitting in a chair. The scanning device revolves around the seated patient, in much the same fashion as a Panoramic Xray machine commonly used by dentists.

Our I-CAT 3-D Imaging equipment, pictured here, enables Dr. Brant to produce precision scans with advanced levels of accuracy. (Click here to watch a short animated video demonstrating the convenience of this new technology).

Radiation is reduced by a significant... 95% amount. The Cone Beam Slices are a fraction of what Medical Scanners produce. A Cone Beam slice is 150 microns .... versus 1000 microns (one millimeter). Resolution is 500 percent greater.

This new CAT Scan standard now enables experienced dental surgeons to perform reconstructive dentistry and tissue grafting procedures with stunning accuracy.

High Resolution Imagery: Foundation for Virtual Surgery

Many dental practices that focus on implant dentistry, as has Dr. Brant, in conjunction with Nobel Biocare technologies are now able to assess, diagnose and treatment plan with a variety of reconstructive and restorative choices that are almost limitless.

Catscan Training - Smart Time Commitment

Unless asked otherwise, Dr. Brant provides the basic instruction for understanding the imagery in catscan images. Within just a minute or two, the mystique of basic and 3D imaging creates a level of understanding that engenders an "Oh, yes... I see" understanding.

Gone are what some patients would consider as the "socially appropriate agreement" principle (i.e., who are we to question a specialist?). Agreeing to a treatment recommendation now typically occurs before Dr. Brant even provides the details.

The decision to do the "smart thing" is now founded on a patient's full comprehension of what is seen and what represents the best way of treating or rebuilding a particular deficit. Click here to watch how Catscan Training actually occurs in our office.

Patients can visually compare different functional and cosmetic outcomes before surgery is ever started. Nobel Biocare's product solutions including Teeth In An Hour, Guided Implants and All On 4 represent some of the most advanced treatment solutions in today's modern dentistry.

Contact us at (631) 584-4395 or use our convenient on-line Ask The Dentist form to arrange a private consultation. Learn more about how virtual surgery can help you achieve results in reconstructive dentistry that you didn't think were possible.

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